Kinesio Taping to Combat Migraines

FB_IMG_1435873761850Although there may be many known remedies on the market, (over the counter or prescription), none may quite compare to the topical treatment of Kinesio Taping. This method involves using the special Kinesio Tape to target adhere to the point of impact and or pain, while utilizing a strategic method. One must attend classes to become Highly Qualified in this procedure. An exam testing the knowledge must also be completed after coursework is concluded. As in Teaching and other areas of consyant change in methodologies, practitioners of this craft must constantly ReSharper there tools to provide optimal relief to their clietal. ONE MAY ASK, Does the  procedure provide Relief? “. This subject would give a resounding YES!!! I , myself, have suffered with Migraine Headaches for over 49 years: As the result of Severe Child Abuse for years, having been hit in the frontal lobe of my brain(7 yrs old),  and loosing a lot of blood, and having 108 stich to close the wound inside and outside of the front of me head. The scars still exists today, along with the severe headaches. My story will continue, pertaining to the abuse, however, this reference was only to reflect how after years of pain, the process of Kinesio Taping has not only assisted greatly in the relief of the migraines thus far, but also in other areas of my body wherein I sustained broken bones, which were never adressed by medical assistace. Because the bones did not heal correctly, I have lived with ever increasing pain, thus  developing a high threshold for  said pain. At the age of 54, I know when the rains are coming, or when the beromic pressure is high!! I feel it in my Body!!! But Kinesio Taping has been such a great vehicle of relief for me thus far!!!! I do not know what my future holds, but I will say; Thank you, to my husband Joe Williamson, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Specializing in Miofacial Release. He also does Kinesio Taping. I have had the privelige of having been his subject for practice purposes for almost a year now for the Kinesio  Taping.  It Works!!!!More updates to come….


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